Eric Keiles

Square 2 Marketing


What’s your business, what makes it special?

Over the past 25 years, I’ve created nine businesses in industries ranging from hospitality and tourism to marketing. Regardless of the industry, each business is designed to be remarkable. By building remarkable businesses, I don’t have to spend the time and resources marketing each business, they simply market themselves. For example, my latest venture, Big Red Pedal Tours is in the tourism space in Philadelphia. It offers pub crawls and historic tours of Old City, Philadelphia using a funny red 15-passenger pedicycle. Seeing the strange looking bike ride by makes people laugh and visit the website to find out more -  and that is enough to eliminate any marketing budgets. 

In addition to Big Red Pedal Tours, I’ve had two recent start ups in the restaurant space: Silence Dogood’s Tavern and Big Ass Slices. Silence Dogood’s Tavern is located in Old City. It’s a wacky kind of place that pays tribute to our founding fathers while being a fun bar. Big Ass Slices is remarkable because our pizza slices are ¼ the size of a traditional pizza! The name is also remarkable, because while it offends some people and makes others laugh - everyone is talking about Big Ass Slices. Finally, my last company is Square 2 Marketing – the leader in inbound marketing. One of the things that makes Square 2 Marketing is remarkable because of our performance-based compensation model. Whether or not we get paid rides on the performance of the marketing campaigns we design for customers. If the campaigns don’t perform, than we don’t get paid. That takes bold confidence in our team!

What is the history or background of this business, why did you start it?

It all started when I was fired from the only real job I ever had: a freshly college minted bank loan officer. None of my family members were entrepreneurs, but I still felt that the best way to earn a living was as to do it on my own. 

Why did you join EO?

When I started my own business, I realized that my friends and family had no idea what I was going through as an entrepreneur. At the time, two acquaintances mentioned EO. I went to a recruitment luncheon and signed up for EO on the spot – there were 20 entrepreneurs in the room just like me!

What has been the greatest impact on your life since joining EO?

For me, the greatest impact was understanding the delicate balance between business, family and personal life. Once I grasped the balance, my life improved dramatically. It was the structure of working through EO framework that led me to this conclusion. For example, we begin forum updates by filling out a form about what’s new in both business and personal life. The system encourages the balance of both aspects and equal weight is given to both business and personal life. After all, if you don’t have a happy home, you can’t have a successful business. 

What would you tell others who are considering joining EO?

Joining EO was the best investment I ever made. But, EO isn’t for everyone; it’s for those looking to open their mind and find a better way of doing things.