Kim Harrison

Focus Forward

What’s your business, what makes it special?

Focus Forward exceeds client expectations through our two services: transcription and focus groups. We can turn around top quality transcription in hours, not days at low cost by our US-based workforce. We transcribe meetings, conference calls, television and radio shows and focus groups for marketing research. Our second service focus groups, are highly specialized. Ultimately, we recruit respondents for focus groups and online surveys throughout the USA.

What is the history or background of this business, why did you start it?

I had a friend in the marketing research industry, and through her experiences I saw a huge opportunity in the space. The industry was moving away from family-owned businesses and instead, moving towards larger organizations that could deliver increased accuracy and efficiency, while keeping costs low and maintaining a personal touch. Ultimately, the industry was going through a lot of changes that brought huge opportunities for new entrants like us. Originally, Focus Forward started from my New York City studio apartment in 2003. A decade later, Focus Forward continues to grow and we haven’t had a down year yet!

Why did you join EO?

My company was growing quickly, and I was looking for a group of people that understood what it meant to go through a similar experience. EO has been an amazing support system. It’s incredible! I have this group of people who understand what it’s like to run a fast growth company. Overall, it gives me the ability to step away from the day to day of running my business, and work on my company instead of in it.

What has been the greatest impact on your life since joining EO?

I can honestly say that EO has enriched my life! There is a huge network of resources and people to receive advice from and further your learning. The members of EO are there to help you solve your problems by sharing their own unique experiences as entrepreneurs. EO events and speakers are also outstanding. Ultimately, EO is an opportunity to help you learn, grow and see what’s out there; and that’s always a good thing!

What would you tell others who are considering joining EO?

As entrepreneurs, life can get really busy. But, it’s important to give time to EO. The more dedication you have to the organization, the more you benefit from both a personal and business-owner’s perspective. EO is a journey. The “A Ha!” moments come when you are open to new ideas and are willing to be vulnerable and share your story and that of your business. The cool things is, when you face changes and challenges in your business, you have this “executive team” of EO members supporting you along the way.