Female Founders Take Center Stage

There was a time when female entrepreneurs were dissuaded from entering the business world. Even in the early 1990s this was commonplace. Look no further than the current box office hit “Joy”.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the main protagonist is pressured into giving up her dreams of being a tinkering inventor, by her parents of all people. Fortunately, her perseverance becomes the plot line. Spoiler Alert: The eponymous ‘Joy’ is a success after patenting a new mop prototype (dubbed the “Miracle Mop”).

This was no small feat.

Joy Mangano helped to erode cultural norms, and the barriers to female entrepreneurship are clearly disappearing today. More and more role models have established themselves through the 1990s and 2000s. In recent memory, appointments of Marissa Mayer (Yahoo – 2012) and Mary Barra (GMC – 2014) are big wins as more Fortune 500 companies recognize the effectiveness of strong female leaders. In the 2016 United States Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina are two candidates looking to make history.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is proud to represent women at all stages of company growth – from  

solo entrepreneurs, to heads of Fortune 500 companies. However, we take a particular interest in the Greater Philadelphia region’s small business leaders with $1-$5 million in revenue. This is the “sweet spot” where we believe our membership can impact you the most. It’s an environment dedicated to building bridges and coalescing like-minded individuals with purpose. One spotlight you’ll hear more about this year is Emily Schwarz, president of Veterans Financial in Radnor, Pa. She’s demonstrated longevity – growing, scaling, and staying in the region for nearly a decade (more on her inspiring story later).

If this is your first time hearing about the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, stay tuned. Follow us on social media, fill out this interest form, and stop by an upcoming “test drive” event. And – regardless of gender – channel your inner Joy Mangano in 2016.