The Many Faces and Paths of Entrepreneurship

There are a variety of ways people can become entrepreneurs. Some people stumble upon it, others fight for it, and some go to school for it. In our daily lives, entrepreneurs are constantly finding moments of inspiration, whether it’s when we’re listening to the radio, going to the vending machine at work, or watching TV. Here are some of the unique ways that people have become entrepreneurs all because of a good idea.

There was a period of time that you couldn’t go to a concert of walk down the streets of a major city without seeing a decaled car handing out the colorful bottles of Vitaminwater. Shortly after, vending machines around the world were stocked full of the beverage claiming to be full of healthy properties.

Curtis Jackson, more famously known as 50 Cent, discovered the drinks while he was in a gym in Los Angeles. After that, he became a minority shareholder and celebrity spokesperson for Vitaminwater. Once the brand was sold to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion, Jackson continued to endorse the brand in his music videos. Jackson hadn’t anticipated becoming an entrepreneur, but found himself with that title after investing a significant amount of money in companies such at Vitaminwater, Effen Vodka, and the production of his own headphones.

Another famous entrepreneur that grew their empire in front of the world is Martha Stewart. Stewart never anticipated creating a globally recognized brand. She went to college for history and architectural history. After college, she started a catering business at her house where she would host and cater for her own parties. She was introduced to Alan Mirken, the head of Crown Publishing Group, who offered her a book deal after seeing how good of a hostess and caterer she was.

The rest was history. Stewart conquered almost anything she put her mind to or name on. She had her own magazine, a television station, floral delivery service, and a home goods brand that has made her a household name after working towards the goal for many years.

Lastly, Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur who seemed destined to become an entrepreneur since he graduated business school. Cuban was a salesperson for a software company, which he was fired from a year later after meeting with a client to procure new personal business. After being fired, Cuban started his own company, MicroSolutions, which was an early supporter of services such as Lotus Notes.

After selling his company for $6 million to a subsidiary of H&R Block, Cuban and Todd Wagner created which had the ability to livestream shows. Cuban has returned the favor by investing in dozens of startups, featured on the hit TV series Shark Tank.

Most of these individuals aren’t what most people would consider a traditional entrepreneur. But when becoming an entrepreneur there are no concrete paths. It may be something you’ve been working towards for years or a title you never anticipated having. Not everyone has to be a shark.