Susan Meitner

Centennial Lending Group, LLC

What’s your business, what makes it special?

Centennial Lending Group, LLC is a boutique residential mortgage banking business focused on customer service. We’ve been in business for nearly five years.

What is the history or background of this business, why did you start it?

My friends and family thought I was crazy when I announced I was opening Centennial in 2010, just as the economy was beginning to recover. The mortgage industry had undergone a lot of trauma and the government was pushing lenders to adopt tons of new regulation. It was the height of craziness for our industry! However, I believe in embracing craziness! I thrive in it. 

At the end of the day, I’ve been in the mortgage business since the early ‘90’s. I’ve had a variety of experiences including working from the inside and in sales. I also had the opportunity to manage two companies in the space. I started Centennial because I felt there was a need in the industry to focus on the customer. That’s why Centennial has a boutique feeling. We have created a warm, relaxing environment. We like to have fun, have excellent customer service and we put family first. I think that culture comes through to our clients and that’s why they love to do business with us and continue to refer friends and family.

Why did you join EO?

Since starting Centennial Lending Group, LLC, it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to be part of EO. I watched a friend grow his business while being in EO, and was impressed. 

However, the real motivation for joining EO was to find a group of people whom I could comfortably ask advice from. As a woman, you are often construed as weak, but at EO I can ask for advice and share my experiences without judgment. EO is my sounding board and a great place to open up to fellow entrepreneurs.

What has been the greatest impact on your life since joining EO?

EO has impacted me in so many ways from both a monetary and nonmonetary standpoint. EO constantly reminds me that there is so much more out there, and to continually educate myself. I can honestly say that EO has made me a better leader for my team at Centennial.

The events and meetings are also amazing. I’m able to take a nugget of information from each meeting and instill it into my company. During one event, EO brought in the president of Capitol One to speak before a smaller group of about 300 members. 

I had a “wow” moment. It is amazing that EO gives me the opportunity to have these experiences. I’ve also developed a relationship with Jack Daly (sales and motivational coach) because of EO. He’s fantastic! None of these things would have happened without EO.

What would you tell others who are considering joining EO?

Explore the EO opportunity, and go in with an open mind. You will know when it’s right for you.