Tim Dagit

The Dagit Group


What’s your business, what makes it special?

The Dagit Group specializes in extreme renovations of fast food restaurants and other retail spaces in the Mid Atlantic region. The thing that makes us special is that we are 30-40% faster than the competition. We work round the clock to ensure renovations are as convenient and efficient as possible for the owner. 

What is the history or background of this business, why did you start it?

Growing up, my father was an architect and we owned a window business, so moving into home construction and finally to extreme renovations, wasn’t anything new. 

Before the world blew up in 2006, I had spent 20 years growing a successful homebuilding business. When the home construction business fell, I had to figure out how I was going to leverage and pivot the direction of my company before it was too late. A friend from EO owned several SuperCuts Franchises and quite literally threw us a bone, giving The Dagit Group the renovation job for one of his stores. 

Starting the project, we had no idea what SuperCuts’ expectations would be and we blew my friend away when we renovated his store in half the time as previous renovations. Suddenly, it hit us that we had a huge value proposition in the renovation business: fast service with attention to detail and awesome customer service. 

Because we came from the home building industry where attention to detail is huge, having supreme customer service and quality results was a huge asset when we switched to renovations. 

Since pivoting the business, we’ve snapped up the Mid Atlantic renovation contracts for McDonalds, Wendy’s and Starbucks. We’ve been growing fast and have gone from barely hanging on in 2006 to turning down business due to demand in 2015. 

Why did you join EO?

I turned around one day and realized that I no longer had a peer group. As an entrepreneur I didn’t share the same challenges as my friends who were working typical 9 – 5 jobs. I started looking for a peer group and that’s when I found EO. 15 years later, I’m still in love with EO. 

What has been the greatest impact on your life since joining EO?

Having the support of my forum group was critical when I went through the 2006 blow out in the home construction industry. They helped me strategize dismantling my home construction business in a responsible, respectable and efficient fashion. And at the same time helped me strategize rebuilding The Dagit Group when we switched our focus to renovations.

However, the biggest impact on my life was meeting all the different people within EO, ultimately becoming more “worldly”. I’ve met entrepreneurs from all over the world and despite the large distance; we all go through the same entrepreneurial experiences. It’s pretty incredible.

What would you tell others who are considering joining EO?

Having a peer group that understands what you’re going through is an invaluable tool. It helps fill the business knowledge gaps you need to build your business faster, better and cheaper, all while maintaining a balance in your personal life. I don’t know where I would be without EO, but I’m positive it’s been the biggest cumulative learning experience of my life.