Blank Rome is honored to be a partner with EO Philadelphia Chapter.  For years, we have the privilege of hosting EO members at our law firm in Philadelphia for a panel discussion on different legal matters that might arise for business owners.  

As partners with EO, we would like to offer a complimentary one hour consultation with any EO member on any legal topic.  The firm also has a “standing offer” to prepare a comprehensive Employee Handbook tailored to your business for a flat fee of $2,500.00.  This is a wonderful value and a great opportunity to put your policies in one written document.  Not only will this be helpful for your employees to refer to, but it will help protect your business in the event that any of your practices and policies are questioned.  A Blank Rome Labor & Employment attorney will ensure that the Handbook contains all of legally required and suggested language and complies with the laws in the state(s) in which your employees work. 

    Alan L. Zeiger   | Blank Rome LLP


Alan L. Zeiger | Blank Rome LLP

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     Cory G. Jacobs    | Blank Rome LLP


Cory G. Jacobs | Blank Rome LLP